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«Výzva» - Summer Language Camp
You are planning to stay in Prague for the whole summer or at least for the good part of it? The whole day staring at a computer screen is not what you wish for your kids to do? In this case our summer camp is obviously a better choice!
Your children will learn a lot from our professional teachers, who have come from different parts of the world and are ready to reveal the most interesting secrets of their languages, traditions, history, cuisine, and music.
The kids will not only improve their language skills but will also learn much about funny traditions, popular music, fascinating places and far more.

Let your children perceive the world even without leaving Prague! English, German, French and Czech are the languages to choose and it is not the problem if you want your child to start from scratch. No previous knowledge required!
Camp's working hours from 9 am till 5pm.

Our teachers: Natalia Samokhina and Sean Finn (English), Libushe Nemtseva, Katerina Novakovska, Sonya Fergacheva, Alena Gudovich (Czech), Daria (French), Eliza Aslyamova (German)
3350 CZK

everyday lunch (130 CZK per day)

Summer British School in July

English in motion - learn and use!
If you are bored just to learn English and you would like to try something new, dive deeper - study subjects in English:
Mathematics    Science    IT    English Literature

The program is based on the UK National Curriculum and the resources of Pearson Edexcel. The duration of the program is 3 weeks - 60 academic hours, 20 academic hours per week.
Study English as the kids in the UK do!

Our teachers: Natalia Samokhina and Sean Finn

Metropol Metropol Schedule
05.07 - 23.07
8100 CZK


Summer for kids and teens ONLINE

Summer online programs for kids and teens English Courses

Improve your English
​​from June, 7
A short lexical and grammar course for teens 10 - 15 y.o.
One month (8 alive classes) with the high-qualified teacher;
more than 32 simulators for strengthening the material;
access to online screening tests;
teacher’s feedback

8 ac.hours
35 euro (900 CZK) per course

Start Up Teens
​ from June, 21
Business school for teens in English (from pre-intermediate level).
In the program:
business English;
interactive master classes;
creating your own business project;
one-to-one meeting with a management consultant.

20 ac.hours + one-to-one consultation
100 euro (2600 CZK) per course


British school online

Science is Fun!
​from June,14 to July, 7
If you are still a student of primary school or just recently moved to secondary and:
you love experiments and are ready to conduct them yourself;
you want to learn math tricks;
you’re eager to speak English like native!

Our «Science is Fun» course is just for you!
Sci-Why? (science in English)
Lessons that count (Maths in English)
From page to stage (English Literature)

12 or 16 ac.hours (3 weeks )
12 ac.hours (for 7 -10 y.o) - 72 euro (1870 CZK) per course
16 ac.hours (for 11 - 13 y.o) - 96 euro (2500 CZK) per course

Skills for Success
from June, 21 to July, 10
For high school students (14+) - the new Skills for Success course. You will become more successful in your studies and acquire special skills that will help at school and university.
In three weeks of classes you will be able to::
Boost your English to academic level (and it is not the same as General English);
Learn how to make effective presentations and actively participate in discussions.
Write essays according to international standards.
Plan your work more efficiently and evaluate the results.
For students who have already had В1 (Intermediate) and higher.

3 weeks | 24 ac.hours 18 classes per 60 minutes each
144 euro (2750 CZK) per course


Summer programs for teens 16+ and adults

Intensive Czech or English course in June and August at Metropol.

Situational grammar - no boring rules!
Lots of catchy and interactive games and exercises
Practical activities and discussions
Change of interaction
Very dynamic classes

The advantages of Intensive Czech or English courses at Metropol:
1. The possibility of learning in a shorter time frame (one level per 60 ac.hours);
2. The possibility to immerse deeply into the language which you are studying at the moment;
3. The possibility to choose the group according to the level (A1, A2, B1, B2);
4. The intensity of the classes does not affect the quality of training (you just don’t have any time to forget the material);
5. Convenient location - not far from the tram station and underground.

Metropol Metropol Schedule
02.06 - 25.06
09.08 - 31.08
8640 CZK
+ the cost of the course books

Summer is a great opportunity for your kids to practice Czech or English. Enroll for our intensive courses right now!


Express - courses

In June, July and August
Czech or English express-courses in June, July and August.
Our course is a great opportunity to improve your language to the level you need in a short time.
Groups are launched as they form. There are 3-6 people in a group.


Levels: А1, А2, В1, В2
Course duration - 36 academic hours
The price is - 5500 CZK (215 euro) per course