Online learning

Express - courses
Czech or English
Czech or English express-courses
Our course is a great opportunity to improve your language to the level you need in a short time.
Enroll right now! There are a 3-6 students in a group.
Course duration 36 academic hours
Levels: А1, А2, В1, В2
Price 5500 CZK
Classical General Courses
Czech, English, German, Spanish, French!
An annual course for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. There are 4-8 students in the group. Choose your language and enroll!
Classes are held either in the afternoon twice a week for 90 minutes, or on Saturdays - 2 lessons for 90 minutes
Starting date: September, February
Course duration 160 ac. h (4 hours per week)
Levels: А1, А2, В1, В2
Price - 2400 CZK
Online intensive course with a native speaker
English language
There is nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea in front of the laptop and spending an hour with an English-speaking companion who will not only brighten up your leisure time, but also help with pronunciation, teach new words and correct grammar.
🔹5 classes a week per 55 minutes each;
🔹Professional native speakers;
🔹New topic every week;
🔹Join any week!
The success of any training is in its intensity, not in the duration of each session!
Price: 650 CZK (25 euro) per week
Online English clubs with native speakers
The whole year round
Learn English with a trained, English-speaking tutors. They knows how to help you to love English!
🔹Grammar club for adults 🔹Speaking Club for adults: practice makes perfect! 🔹Grammar Club for kids and teens 🔹Do you speak…? Teens speaking club
Course duration: 7 months
starts in October!
Levels: А1, А2, В1, В2
Price 1200 CZK
One-to-one classes or pair lessons
Choose the language!
Russian for foreigners
Price - 550 CZK per 60 minutes

Study more and pay less.
With a one-time payment of 16 or more lessons, you get a 10% discount
Cheaper for two. Study together and pay less! (275 CZK per each person in a pair)
Corporate training (firm courses) online
The whole year round
Foreign Languages online for employees of businesses and enterprises We will help you to choose an effective programe for your goals! Corporate language Training includes: selection of training programe; online courses on our platform; Interim and final testing of the employees; certificate at the end of the course;
ВВВ Live lessons with the teacher on our special online platform BBB Every student has his own personal account where he can find interactive exercises, tests and other extra materials for self-training. Also there is a chat and a forum for better connection with the techer and groupmates.
It is possible to have one-to-one or group lessons. The groups are formed according to the level after online testing.
All lessons are running on our platform. Do you want to know more?

Features of the online platform BIG BLUE BUTTON

The platform allows you to use online interactive tools during the lesson:

Work together with the texts displayed on the screen
Read, write and draw on the whiteboard
Solve problems, do quizzes, respond to polls
Watch the videos and listen to recordings
Work in pairs or groups, take part in discussions
- You can always see the teacher and other students - communicate via webcam, microphone or chat any moment.
- You could get prompt feedback from the teacher and ask questions.
- It is very convenient to do the homework - everything is done straight on the platform, no need to download or upload.
- You don’t need to remember where you have written down your hometask - it is always in your virtual classroom.
Online lessons are no different from the real ones, they are even better!

Everybody has a microphone and a camera, which makes it a real class - we can talk to each other, see each other and learn from each other!

Simple to access

Friendly to use

And well suited to everyone