Choose the language that is right for you:


One-to-one classes or pair lessons

Study more and pay less. With a one-time payment of 16 or more lessons, you get a 10% discount
Cheaper for two. Study together and pay less! (275 CZK per each person in a pair). You can syudy either at our school or online.
The price is 550 - 600 CZK per 60 minutes
the price depands on the level and aim

General course

An annual course for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 in a mini-group of 3-6 people.
Classes are held either in the afternoon twice a week for 90 minutes or on Saturdays - - 2 lessons for 90 minutes.
Duration: 160 ac. h (4 hours per week)
Starting date: September, February
The price is 3000 CZK per months. If you study online, the price is 2400 CZK.

Conversation workshop with a native speaker in and out of school

Linguistic immersion - once a week for 60 minutes in the format of linguistic training or role play. The group starts from 4 people.
2 lessons per month at school and 2 lessons at the exit (in a cafe, in a park ...) in order to create a thematic situation
classes are held on Friday or Saturday afternoons
You can join in the first week of the month, you can attend a trial lesson - any of the lessons.
Price: 600 CZK (4 lessons per month), 200 CZK for a trial lesson

Corporate training

English for employees of businesses and enterprises We will help you to choose an effective programe for your goals!
Corporate English Training includes: selection of training programe; online courses on the territory of the enterprise/school; Interim and final testing of the employees; certificate at the end of the course;
Launch time: within a year
Cost - by agreement