Choose the course that's right for you!

One-to-one classes or pair lessons
Study more and pay less. With a one-time payment of 16 or more lessons, you get a 10% discount
Cheaper for two. Study together and pay less! (275 CZK per each person in a pair)
The price is 550 - 600 CZK per 60 minutes.
General Czech course
An annual course for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 in a mini-group of 3-6 people.
Classes are held either in the afternoon twice a week for 90 minutes or on Saturdays - 2 lessons for 90 minutes
Duration: 160 ac. h (4 hours per week)
Starting date: September, February
The price is 3000 CZK per months. If you study online, the price is 2400 CZK.
Exam preparation courses
Prepare and take exams at our school.
Choose the necessary level and enroll right now!
Levels A1, A2 an B1 starts every 1st Monday of the month. Duration 16 ac.h.
The price - 3500 CZK.
Semester course for preparation for your B2 exam. Choose two variants: 07.02 - 13.05 (250 ac.h -
37500 CZK
OR 04.04. - 13.05 (100 ac.h -
15000 CZK
You can take A1. A2 and B1 exam every 2nd Friday of the month. B2 exam takes place in May. More details about exams read here