Choose the course that's right for you!

General Czech course
An annual course for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 in a mini-group of 3-6 people. Classes are held either in the afternoon twice a week for 90 minutes, or on Saturdays - 2 lessons for 90 minutes
60 ac. h (4 hours per week)
Starting date: September, February
🗸 Price: 3000 CZK
One-semester Czech language course
1. Czech language at a special price from January 2021! One-semester course includes 340 academic hours of Czech language and two training options:
1) from beginner level to A2;
2) from B1 to B2.
🗸 Price: 25500 CZK (980 euro)
Registration fee - 2700 CZK (100 euros)
2. Special course to pass the state examination at the B2 level: 100 academic hours for 12,150 CZK (450 euros).
State examination fee - 3500 CZK (135 euros)
Attention: if you have completed our yearly or semester courses and want to prepare and pass the B2 exam, choose our special course and do not pay the cost of the exam.
Registration for exams
At our school, you can prepare for the Czech language exam and pass it.
Select the required language level from A1 to B2 and leave a request.
Read more about exams here
The nearest B2 level exam will take place on 16.10.

Classes are held at our school in Vinohrady at Nitranská 1459/11 and online

We offer Intensive courses as well as General Czech courses. If you need individual lessons, then we will be happy to organize them for you.

One-to-one classes or pair lessons in the office or online

Price: 550-600 CZK for 60 min, depending on the level. Reduce your tuition costs by up to 20% (440 CZK for 60 minutes) by choosing a batch payment method for your lessons.

“Cheaper for two!” Invite your friends or relatives. Study together and get a 50% discount!

  One-to-one classes. Reduce your training costs by choosing a package of 8, 16 or more classes.

Advantages of studying at our school

One of the many advantages of studying at the Metropol School is that it is located in the center of Prague and is famous for its teachers.

The teachers of our school are specialists who have worked for many years at Charles University, as well as in Czech gymnasiums and schools, who do not forget to improve their qualifications in courses for teachers in the Czech Republic.

Only here, in the very center of Prague, immersed in the atmosphere of Czech life, you can learn the Czech language quickly, easily, and most importantly, choose the course that suits you (in terms of duration, starting time and cost) the best.

One-year Czech preparatory course for study at public universities and colleges in the Czech Republic.

For further information, contact us on Viber, WhatsApp, Email:

+7 968 105 1547 (Russia)

+420 776 609 912 (Prague)