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«Výzva» - Summer Language Camp
You are planning to stay in Prague for the whole summer or at least for the good part of it? The whole day staring at a computer screen is not what you wish for your kids to do? In this case our summer camp is obviously a better choice!

  • Your children will learn a lot from our professional teachers, who have come from different parts of the world and are ready to reveal the most interesting secrets of their languages, traditions, history, cuisine, and music.
  • The kids will not only improve their language skills but will also learn much about funny traditions, popular music, fascinating places and far more.
  • Let your children perceive the world even without leaving Prague!
  • English, German and Czech are the languages to choose and it is not the problem if you want your child to start from scratch. No previous knowledge required! Everyday lunch is 130 CZK per day
    Our teachers: Thomas Sean Cocco, Marie Ruprechtová, Libuše Němcová.
    Camp's working hours from 9 am till 5pm
    Four shifts:
    3350 Kč
    per week

    IT summer school - computer literacy in a digital environment (programme is taught in English)
    You can’t live without the World Wide Web? In this case our course is especially for you! You will learn how to build up network communication, how not to be caught in the cheat’s net and be information savvy? This new skills and many others in our new course - computer literacy in a digital environment. The course consists of three modules: Online Collaboration, IT security and Information Literacy and includes internationally recognised exams.
    Our teachers: Katerina Novakovska, Natalija Samochina, Thomas Sean Cocco.
    10500 Kč

    Summer British school - Incredible English!
    Learn English in Prague? Why not! Classes with a native speaker, exciting lessons in the fresh air. English in motion- learn and use.
    If you are bored just to learn English and you would like to try something new, dive deeper - study subjects in English. Mathematics, Science, English Literature - study English as the kids in the UK do.
    The programme includes 60 hours of British school subjects in English, excursions round Prague, everyday lunch, trips to Karlstejn Castle, visits to different museums and parks, and a boat trip.
    Price: 17100 CZK for three weeks, including lunch and excursions.
    Tuition only (60 ak h): 8100 CZK for 3 weeks
    Our teachers: Thomas Sean Cocco, Natalija Samochina, Iyad Huder.
    17100 Kč
    including lunch and excursions

    8100 Kč
    Tution only

    Challenge your summer – dive into English with British School online!
    If you are still a student of primary school or just recently moved to secondary and:
    • love experiments and are ready to conduct them yourself,
    • want to learn math tricks
    • eager to speak English like native our
    Science is Fun
    course is just for you!
    August 10 – the time to log into our cozy virtual classroom
    What is there for you? Sci-why? (Science), Lessons that count (Maths), and From page to stage (English).
    For high school students (14+) - the new
    Skills for Success
    course. You will become more successful in your studies and acquire special skills that will help at school and university.
    In three weeks of classes you will be able to:
    Boost your English to academic level (and it is not the same as General English 😊),
    Learn how to make effective presentations and actively participate in discussions.
    Write essay according to international standards.
    Plan your work more efficiently and evaluate the results.
    Hurry up! There are very few places left!
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    72/96 €
    Science is Fun

    144 €
    Skills for Success
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