We offer everyone a chance to study Czech language in order to enter colleges or universities of the Czech Republic and get higher education for free. Our school is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and licensed to administer the State Exam, with the issuance of a certificate confirming a student’s level of knowledge.

We teach Russian, English, German and Czech languages according to different programs, and we also offer language courses (preparatory courses) of different intensity. In addition, as part of the yearly course, our school prepares students for admission to the university in those subjects that they will have in their entrance exams. If it is necessary, we provide our students with accomodation, help in nostrification of documents, medical insurance and opening a bank account service, as well as preparing documents for obtaining a Czech long-term visa. Moreover, we offer assistance in preparing for an interview at the Czech Embassy.

Support programme
In addition to studying Czech language and preparing for university entrance exams, we provide you with comprehensive support throughout the course.

Support before leaving for the Czech Republic Support on arrival in the Czech Republic
  • Before you have entered into an agreement with the language school “Metropol”, you receive a comprehensive consultation about everything related to the conclusion of the agreement, the conditions of study and residence in the Czech Republic.

  • For each student, the main package of documents for a visa is formed, detailed instructions are given on how to resolve all issues, confirmation of residence in the Czech Republic for the duration of the course is made.

  • The staff of our school helps students to fill in various forms, including the ones in Czech. Translating and interpreting services are offered with legal certification if necessary.

  • We offer you medical insurance policies which are required to obtain your visa.

  • The staff of our Language School provide advice on admission to the universities, helps with correspondence and negotiate with the university, deal with the necessary documents.
  • meeting at the airport / train station

  • registration in the office for foreigners

  • information support on all issues related to studies in the Czech Republic

  • comprehensive assistance in nostrification

  • the State exam in Czech at level B2

  • 2 excursions to historical places of Prague

  • assistance in obtaining a transport card

  • counselor services

  • providing a monthly report on student performance and attendance

  • support when extending a visa

  • Czech sim card

  • interpreter services

  • assistance in choosing a university and speciality

  • assistance in opening a bank account